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I have opinions on many subjects. Herein, like it or not, you can learn my thoughts over time on education, governance and politics, philosophy, society in general.

I am exercised by the poor state of the governance of our nation. Things can change, especially now we have shed Corbyn and the Stalinists from the Labour Party. I have my own take on which changes would establish, embed and ensure social justice, effective representation of the people and encourage efficiency and moral probity in our chosen representatives. On this page you have access to some of the ideas in my mind that relate to this vital task.

Governance and Society

    In Issue 4 of the RSA Magazine 2017/18 Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the RSA, addressed in “Reprogramming the Future” the challenge for change that becomes even more evident and urgent on an almost daily basis. It provoked this response from me, a response that was well received by Matthew.

    Response to Matthew Taylor on "Reprogramming the Future"

    Matthew addressed many of my points in a later blog, leading to a further response from me, as in the paper below.

    My response posted on Matthew Taylor's blog


Having disclosed in the above section my deep dislike of the way the Labour Party fell into the hands of the Stalinist wing, a process that began in the 80s with the Malignant Tendency and developed into Corbynism, Momentum etc, I was energised by the election of Sir Keir Starmer as leader of the party. I rejoined late last year.

I have lately been contributing my thoughts to the Party's Policy Forum. I offered some thoughts on education and you can read them HERE

I have also introduced the Party's Policy team to my idea for protecting women and girls in this lascivious and malicious age of ours. It's based on the success educationists have had in safeguarding children in our schools and colleges via the initiative "Keeping Children Safe in Education" (KCSIE). I have proposed that we create an initiative that I would call "Keeping Women and Girls Safe in Society" and which would require specific initiatives in the workplace, in streets and open spaces,in clubs and other places of entertainment and in the justice system.

yet Another Thought

"Elections tend to be good times for bad arguments" [Professor Michael Clarke - retired Director General of RUSI]