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The range and depth of thinking within the RSA are astounding. If you are interested in the future of society in all its aspects, visit the RSA to stimulate your thinking:-

  • The Royal Society of Arts

  • The best teachers are constantly seeking to improve the quality of what they do.These sites will help them in their quest for excellence:-

    Just a Thought

    In an interview for "Twentieth Century Authors" Lancelot Hogben (a hero of mine) said:-
    "I like Scandinavians, ski-ing, swimming and socialists who realise it is our business to promote social progress by peaceful methods.
    I dislike football, economists, eugenicists, fascists, Stalinists and Scottish Conservatives.
    I think that sex is necessary and bankers are not."

    For my part

    "I like Canadians, piano music, learning, kindness and distributivists who realise it is essential to stick their heads above the parapet now, when it's difficult to do so and not too late.
    I dislike celebrities with no substance, the mindless pap brigade in the media, fascists of every variety, the DUP and their fellow travellers.
    I think breathing is necessary and always winning is not."